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Well, it has been a while since I updated the web page

Recruit Academy Bravo - we start Recruit Academy Saturday, August 3rd. We will also meet August 10 and August 17. Each day we will begin at 0900 hours (9am) and run until 1700 hours (5pm). Bring your lunch with you (remember no sweets). Don't forget your Basic Manual, paper or notepad and pen/pencil. Red T-shirts, belts, jeans and tennis shoes DO NOT WEAR BOOTS!!!!

On Monday, August 5, will will be saying our "good luck" to MstSgt Carr as she commands our unit for the last time. She has been a Young Marine for 9 years. We will miss her terribly, but look forward to our new Young Marine in Charge, Gunnery Sgt Reveile. I know he will strive and succeed in filling MstSgt Carr's boots. We will be holding her retirement party at Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley. We will be on the 2nd floor. All families are invited, pizza and cake will be served. There is an elevator for those who wish to use one.